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Great quality. The elastic stays in place. My dog sleeps on the couch and she jumps on the couch weighing 120 lbs, and these covers never slip off. They wash and dry with ease. Highly recommend.

I asked to change the cover in a shop and got a quote for $375. I had small scratch on nice sofa. The sofa set was $699 and to change cover they were asking me half the price. This cover really is the best solution within my budget! It fits very well. All I need is longer life for sofa at the reasonable price and this product does that.

These covers are just beautiful. They are made of a velvet material. I recommend highly if you want to have a brand new velvety couch for a bargain price!

Got this for my couch to cover an exploded pen accident. I love it. It fits pretty well. Very little movement when people or dogs jump on it. Extremely soft. Washable. Great price. I would definitely recommend.

I ordered to save the sofa from cat scratches… very nifty remedy… the velvet is so soft.. Very beautiful aesthetically, I took the larger size according to the instructions for the measurement, but it is still a little tight. Nevertheless recommended.

Delighted with these, after trying other types. They stretched easily and smoothly onto the cushions, stay in place and the velvety texture is really nice. Good company.

Love how easy they just slip on and don’t move around at all. Also easy to vacuum as I have 2 dogs who shed! They are very comfortable ,soft and beautiful. I ordered sets in dark green and would not hesitate to order again.

The colors are great, it's comfortable, and it changed the entire look of my living room in the best way possible. I would order these again in different patterns, should I decide to switch things up again. I haven't washed them yet, but I love that they are machine washable. I have a rowdy 6-year-old, a 1-year-old grandbaby, and 2 obnoxious dogs. Machine washable is a MUST. I'm assuming they'll hold up but will update if they don't.

This brought my old loveseat back to life. It fit perfectly and was super easy to clean. My 6-year-old took a blue pen and expressed her artistic whims all over it. I used a dollar store stain spray and it came off with no effort. You can't tell at all and it is just as soft as before I washed it. I highly recommend this!

So happy with my purchase. These are truly value for money will not hesitate to get another set. Very nice very soft very chic I love my purchase.

This thing is so soft and comfy! Way better than buying a very expensive custom covers! With this couch cushion covers you can easily change it every time it gets dirty or whenever you feel like changing the vibe of your living room.

This slip cover is amazing! I had my doubts because I've used slip covers before and been disappointed but I needed a fast face lift for my worn out l-shape. When the package came I was worried it wouldn't cover the whole couch but wow! The fabric is so stretchy that it does fit perfectly and it has a foam stick which helps to make it look like the real couch linen. I couldn't be happier with this product. Would definitely recommend this. The print I ordered was definitely brighter than I expected but after it was on it looked so cute that I'm going with it.

These are fantastic! I live in a partially furnished home and I HATE the sofas. I can never get them really clean, hate the color, don't want to pay to store them and the owner insists they stay where they are as part of the rental. Fair enough. They are however comfortable, so when I found these covers I thought I would give it a try. Well.... they fit PERFECTLY! They look amazing, and completely change the entire room. I have gotten several compliments already!! But better yet, I love how my living room looks now!! Bonus- super soft and comfy.

It’s actually better than I expected. The material is very soft. Like if you’ve ever felt LulaRoe leggings, same material. The foam inserts hold it in place better than I thought they would. Even after laying on this couch with 2 kids, it stays in place. Great instant room makeover for the money!

I wouldn’t say it was super easy to put on, but not terrible. You do have to flip the couch upside down to secure the ties, and position the seam just right so it lines up with the back of the couch, but once you’ve got the draping part right, the tucking is quite easy. I can’t really speak to durability since I’ve only had it on for 24 hrs. Overall, I think it looks pretty good and gave my living room an instant, cheap makeover.

I love that it hugs a cushion and the cushion size can be bigger or smaller. What I ended up doing was just tucking in a little bit of the extra material and it works just fine! The material is soft to the touch and comfortable. Easy to wash. We love it!

Fast delivery. Excellent cloth and the color is what I was expecting. I attached a picture of my sectional. I love that it still looks like a neat and tidy couch! It's so affordable I will buy again and again in different colors!

This slip cover is awesome. It was so easy to put on, and it really keeps my cushion from moving. My couch cushion is always trying to slide out from under me, even with Velcro in the bottom. This cover has made it stay in place really well. A wonderful plus, it is beautiful and so soft.

I haven’t washed them yet, so I’m not sure what will happen... but they are soooo soft! They fit very well and are easy to adjust too. Ordered for a chair and will be ordering more to match the sofa!

This fit perfectly on our seat cushions. They are super soft and good material. I like that each cushion cover is individual so there is no slipping like other covers that go over the whole section.

Wow! This is the first cover that fits my over sized love seat! I’ve tried several others but had to return them cuz the seat cushion covers didn’t fit. The colors are vibrant, fabric is soft & super stretchy. Unknown if it holds up they a wash yet since it’s new. Granted this fabric is thinner than I expected but I don’t find that a negative. It fits and looks nice, is affordable and soft to be comfortable on. I love it.

Soft and nice!!! When it arrived I was very pleased that not only did it fit but it matched the look and color of my wall perfectly! Amazing product and really really cheap!

I have to cover the seats on my sectional because.....dogs, kids. I took a chance on these and voila! Perfect fit. The orange color blended with my sectional is so amazing. It's a snug fit, no wrinkles, and soft. Hope it holds up well in the wash.

These covers are great! They fit snugly on couches. They are a must for families with dogs! They are easy to get on and off for washing, and are soft and comfortable.

I loved this cover when I first opened the package. So so so soft!!!! And was gorgeous to see my couch transformed. Getting it on and set in place was easy. For the price I hope it would last more than one wash.

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